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Algorithms Design and Analysis by Udit Agarwal

Purpose :Either for sale or Rent
Selling Price/Security Money : 

180 300

Specially for the computer science students for study of DAA(B.tach/mca/bsc)

Publication: Dhanpat Rai Co. (Pvt) Ltd

Author: Udit Agarwal

Edition: 2016

Terms and Conditions :

You have to pay 60% of book MRP as a Security Money at the time when the book will delivered to you. The Security money will be refunded to you when you will return the book.(The security money may be increase from 60% to 70% according to the physical condition of the book.)

The book you have taken on rent must be physically good in condition and should not be physically damaged at time of returning.

The rent will be collected when you will be return the book.

You must have to submit a self attested photocopy of your Aadhar card at the time of receiving the book.

The book has been sold.