Book Name : Applied physics 1
Description :Question Bank
Book Name : Engineering Mechanics and Materials
Description :Question Bank
Book Name : gravity series for polytechnic Applied physics 2
Description :chapter wise question
Book Name : Engineering Mechanics
Description :solved paper
Book Name : Electronic Engineering-1
Description :Diploma solved paper
Book Name : Applied physics-1
Description :a book for diploma 1st year common to all branch
Book Name : Applied mathematics
Description :a book for diploma 1st year 1st semester common to all branch
Book Name : Applied chemistry
Description :a book for diploma 1st year common to all branch
Book Name : Professional communication
Description :Best book for diploma hiring for first year
Book Name : Concept of programming using C
Description :Best for diploma student searching C programming book in Hindi
Book Name : Java Programing
Description :Best book for java programing...specially for diploma students
Book Name : Manufacturing Process By RAVI NANDHAN GARG
Description :Best book for mechanical engineering for diploma 2nd year
Book Name : Thermal engineering By DR. J. M. L. GUPTA
Description :Best book for themal Engg.
Book Name : Electrical technology & Electronics By S. C. TIWARI
Description :Best book for electronics
Book Name : Machine tool technology & Maintenance (Sarthak)
Description :Book for diploma by Sarthak for machine tool technology and ma....
Book Name : Mechanics of Solids By J. K. KAPOOR
Description :For 2nd year diploma in Mechical Engg.
Book Name : Irrigation Engineering (I.E)
Description :This is a irrigation engg. Book of civil engg.The content of Book ....
Book Name : Construction Management Enterpenurship Development (CMED)
Description :This is a management Book and enterprenurship development book.Tge....
Book Name : Transport Engineering - || (TE)
Description :This is a book of transport engg. It is commonly used in diploma i....
Book Name : Elementary Electrical & Mechanical Engg. (EEME)
Description :This is a general book od diploma which is studied by every trades....
Book Name : Building Construction and Maintenance Engg. (BCME)
Description :The book content is totally in hindi.The BCME book is genrally use....
Book Name : Public Health Engineering ( PHE)
Description :This is a book of Public health Engineering widely used in the dip....
Book Name : Environmental Pollution And control
Description :This is a hindi book of Environmental pollution and control.This b....
Book Name : Engineering Drawing
Description :This is a engg. Drawing book of shivdutta upadhaya.This book is to....
Book Name : Design of steel and masonry Structures
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