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About Us

My Book Mart

Good Morning,
Welcome and thanks for being a part of team designed this site as to make your old books useful , as after 1 year our books are as wastage product for our home. So here we provide an option to earn from that old books which are useless for you all now.
Also you can easily find each type of books for yourself by paying very low cost for as much time as you want.
For cost details you can visit to terms and conditions.

  • You can add your old books and we take it from you as we receive any order for that book.
  • We accept each and every type of old books. But it must be in maintained condition.
  • Adding of torned or damaged books are strictly prohibited.
  • We also provide an option to order new books online at lowest price.
  • If new books are not available, you can specially order it and get your books easily.
  • Different types of E-book PDF are available in the column of e-book.
  • We provide a column for local notes where you can get local college notes made by your seniors and teachers easily.
  • Also you can upload your notes or book PDF and get special offers.